Woman Wants To Know If She's Wrong To Stop Supporting Dead Husband's 'Affair Child' At 18

Everyone has secrets; it's what makes life interesting. But sometimes, the way a secret is revealed can be more scandalous than the secret itself. One woman, who only found that her husband was having an affair when his mistress showed up at his funeral, pregnant, turned to the subreddit Am I The A-Hole for advice.

She explained how, out of the goodness of her heart, she "Agreed to set up a trust for the child for college and agreed to let them live in one of my rental properties in a good area rent-free until her child was 18." Now that the child is 18, she demands that the mom pays rent or moves out. Her deceased husband's family tells her that she is unfair and still owes the woman and her child money. She feels otherwise. Redditors agreed with her and claimed that she had been more than generous. What do you think?

woman wants to know if she's wrong for not supporting dead husbands love child after they turn 18 | thumbnail Text - Text - Posted by u/RepresentativeOwn638 7 days ago 5 2 3e AITA For Refusing To Replenish A College Trust For My Deceased Husband's Affair Child? Not the A-hole I (52f) am in an unusual situation and need an outside perspective but want to maintain my anonymity. 18 years ago it was revealed, at my husband's funeral, he had a pregnant mistress (40f). Obviously I didn't just take th
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